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We start our work with drawing up the process of coating of desired areas of the components. The designing is done considering all the aspects such as product specifications (composition, thickness, shape, weight etc.), quantity of production of respective components, space availability, cost of operation etc.

Our team of engineers ensures that all necessary tools are used to implement to make the coating process a successful day to day event. With our large and handy bouquet of products, we offer the plant with highest level of workability and goal-oriented performance.

Research & Development:
Our R & D team engages themselves on regular basis for development of new products and processes. The in-field personnel provide suggestions and market requirements to make this possible.

Our designed system is incorporated with maximum level of automation as possible. It is ensured that automation has been done to sky level leading to maximum production, best coating quality and minimum operational cost. We provide a perfect blend of tradition and automation.

We are engaged in in-house manufacturing of entire range of products as offered by us. This ensures the best product being manufactured by best of the hand under perfect supervision and guidance. The products go through a lengthy testing process to ensure that they meet all international quality and safety standards.

Pre Installation Guidance:
Our work is not limited just to manufacture the products as offered by us. We provide complete guidance in regard to co-related activities. This include space layout, drawings of civil works, electrical works, on-field consultancy, power distribution, database of name, specifications, quantity and reliable sources of raw materials, operational cost of plant (fixed and variable), additional machineries and accessories as required, any modifications in relation to manufacturing process being manufactured by client etc. And surprisingly, all this comes at no additional cost!

The entire machineries as ordered by client to us, are supplied to client ex-our godown/works. We provide complete visual inspection of machineries and functional inspection, in case where its' possible.

Erection & Commissioning:
We don't leave you just by supplying the equipments. We erect and commission the entire plant at our site. We depute our team of experienced technical personnel at the site for complete installation of the plant. We provide trial production through our plant.

Though we are experienced, but this is a new subject for you. Hence, we provide complete training of each and every equipment/machinery, and complete plant in overall to your personnel/workers. The training is provided for operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the plant. We make them operate the team at their own under our supervision, to ensure that they learn not just mere by watching, but also by doing themselves under our observation. Any error/mistake done by them is rectified on the spot.

We provide service to machineries immediately at clients' site. We ensure that our service person reaches you the same day the breakdown call is received. Efforts are made to solve the problem over telephone, or by drawing through fax/email, live demonstration through video chat/conferencing. In case, if the problem still persist, we depute our service personnel with standby equipment at clients' site to ensure that if the problem could not be sorted out at the time, the standby equipment is provided to the client' to ensure continuous and smooth operation.

After Sales Support:
We provide all necessary support to the plant and to client in regard to any queries being raised by them or any improvement in system for better operation and lower operational cost. We make regular visits to client's site to ensure that the system is being operated in the best way. Don't worry, we don't charge for all this!

Annual Maintenance:
After completion of warranty period, we provide annual maintenance contract for selected equipment/s or entire plant. The quality of service remains the same, as it is within the warranty period.

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