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Pre-Treatment System:

Pre-treatment is required to pre condition a surface to be painted so it accepts a paint film which looks attractive, adheres well, lasts long and protect what's underneath.

A Pre-treatment system is decided according to the component to be powder coated. For ferrous metals, Phosphate coating prior to painting is suitable and for non-ferrous substrates like aluminum, chromate coating offers the most appropriate pre-conditioning.

Since the most correct and economical pre- treatment method may vary widely case to case, please consult us on the most optimum solution.

We manufacture and undertake installation of complete metal treatment system according to your requirement.

Air Compressor :

An air compressor is required to deliver continuous compressed air to the process. The compressor must deliver oil and moisture free air.

Oil and Moisture Separator / Air Dryer :

An oil and moisture separator or Air Dryer required to remove contaminants from compressed air before feeding it to the process.

Powder Spray Equipment :

An electrostatic powder spray gun is required to spray and charge the powder to the component.

Powder Spray Cum Recovery Booth :

The component to be powder coated is first hanged in the powder spray booth and then coated by a powder coating equipment. Over-sprayed powder is collected by Spray Booth for subsequent reuse. A good powder recovery system can re-collect over sprayed powder up-to 98%. The recovery system may be:

(1) Filter Cartridge type- Suitable for one or two powder colors.

(2) Cyclone Type - Suitable for frequent color change.

Powder Curing Oven :

An oven is required for curing of powder. This may be electrical or oil fired or gas fired. 180 ° C to 225 ° C temperature is required for powder curing according to powder quality.

Conveyor / Monorail :

For moving the work-piece from pre-treatment tanks to spray booth and from spray booth to the oven, a conveyor or monorail is required. For a batch type coating unit, conveyor is not required.

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