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  • Rotary Cyclone is a completely new powder recovery technology available for the first time in India.

  • Rotary Cyclone is wholly integrated top entry system where the Powder Air" mixture enters a stabilizing chamber and is then equally distributed at an exactly equal pressure and volume in each clone. This special design results in a guaranteed 99% plus powder recovery.

  • All the ductwork is truly eliminated.

  • Since powder enters from the top of every clone through the stabilizing chamber access to clones for cleaning is extremely easy. Access door is provided on the stabilizing chamber resulting in super quick cleanups.

  • Rotary wings on top of each clone provides strong centrifugal action to the powder air mixture and therefore very high recovery efficiency. Pressure drop is reduced because of absence of ductwork. Power consumption is less and for the same power rating large booths can be designed.

  • The recovery clones are powder coated after seven stage hot phosphating.


The entire booth body will be fabricated out of powder coated/ epoxy CRCA sheets. They do not attract much powder on the walls. In conventional system, which are available in India, booths are liquid painted and therefore do not offer a good insulation. The conventional booths tend to become the major competitor to the work-piece in terms of attracting powder. Since our booths are epoxy coated and the construction is in a way that edges are eliminated - the booth does not attract much powder.

  • Ductless Design Booth

  • High Powder Recovery Efficiency - Guaranteed 99% plus powder recovery with logical evidence

  • Easy Cleaning of Booth and Recovery Clones

  • Detachable form for easy assembly and less transportation cost

  • Less Power Consumption

  • Available in Powder Coated/Stainless Steel Models

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