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The guns are mounted on an arm and extended from a carriage. The carriage is programmed to move in the user decided length and speed depending on the object height and the conveyor speed. The carriage moves up and down through a chain driven by an AC geared motor. The carriage is supported by a very sturdy frame structure. A counter weight is used to balance the number of guns mounted on the spray arm. The entire reciprocator is on castor wheels to facilitate easy movement during colour change.


The movement of the carriage is controlled by a most update A.C. frequency drive and an advanced digital controller to achieve the desired stroke and speed. This advanced digital based controller can also vary the speed in a multi-speed pattern within the same stroke. This feature allows the operator to select three speeds within the entire stroke length, thus customizing coating for the various geometries of a complicated object. This is useful in coating various complicated objects.

The control panel incorporates a user friendly key pad so that the operator can simply punch in the required stroke length and single speed or multi-speed options. Optical encoder and proximity switches are employed for precise feedback of the stroke length. The stroke can be viewed on a two line backlit LCD display.

The following displays can be viewed during operation :

  1. Stroke Length in mm.
  2. Offset Length in mm.
  3. Speed in Mtr./Min.
  4. Multi speeds and their corresponding strokes
  5. Up/Down status of Carriage


0 - 30 Mt./Min (Infinitely selectable)

Minimum Stroke

100 mm 

Maximum Stroke

1500 mm

Pre - set Points

Any speed and stroke selectable.
Twenty (20) positions programmable.


Digital (two line alpha numeric LCD display.)

Multi Speed

Three Multi Speed selectable along with corresponding portion of main stroke in percentage for each of above twenty (20) positions

Maximum Load

Up to 30 Kgs. (8 Automatic Spray Guns)

Control Unit


Pre-Set Points: Any speed & stroke selectable Twenty (20) position programmable.

Multi Speed: Three multi speed settings selectable along the main stroke. The stroke length of the multi speed settings is also selectable as a percentage of the main stroke.

Display: Digital (Two line alpha Numeric LCD display)


Reversible Geared I H.P. AC motor

The MAGIC EYE Part Sensing System consists of an advanced PLC controller along with a touch screen, Vertical zone sensors and horizontal zone sensors. These sensors are placed at the entrance of the booth just outside. They sense the changes in height of the part and trigger on the appropriate number of guns. Thus if the part entering the booth is of a small height, less number of guns shall be triggered on and if the length of the part is taller the PLC system shall trigger on more number of guns. These sensors also check for line gaps (i.e. missing parts on conveyor / empty jigs) and appropriately trigger on / off the respective number of guns. Reciprocators / Wagglers / Oscillators can be coupled to horizontal movement systems such that the MAGIC EYE sensors can move them in / out horizontally while keeping track of the changing width of the part. This automatic intelligent gun triggering system shall result in better productivity, lesser overspray of powder, high quality finishes and is a great tool to save money on the floor shop.

Highest Quality Finish Every Time

Better film thickness accuracy. Less waste.

  • The MAGIC EYE Programmable Logic Control (PLC) automates standard spray functions, to provide consistent, high quality powder coating time after time.
  • Sensors provide incoming part recognition - for accurate, repeatable results, reduced production costs and dramatically reduced rejections.
  • Big Advantages - automatic triggering guns on and off as needed (and optionally moving them in and out) More consistent film builds improve finish quality -- meeting tighter tolerances and minimizing overspray and edge build-up.
  • Automated controls yield increased efficiency, even with frequent changes in part configurations.

Amazing Flexibility

Adaptable to a wide variety of parameters.

  • MAGIC EYE handles any coating application need from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
  • Control programs trigger guns for line gaps, different vertical lengths, vertical zoning, and horizontal target distance.
  • Gun movement control is possible for all types of automatic guns mounted on reciprocators, wagglers, oscillators or multiple axis machines.
  • Optional in/out positioners independently move guns, to maintain correct horizontal gun distances for consistent overall finishes.
  • System accommodates both simple zone recognition and multiple zone recognition, using photo cells or Through beam light sensors to scan parts conveyed into the booth.
  • Optional modem communication is available for remote program adjustments and diagnostics.

Simply Smart

Less training. More productivity.

  • User friendly, touch-screen operator interface panel allows for one-touch control access and at-a-glance monitoring of all operations.
  • Controls for gun triggering, gun moving operations, and automatic gun interlock systems.
  • Advanced PLC system stores information to control gun triggering.
  • Once programmed, the system is easy-to-handle for operators with minimal training and experience, greatly cutting applied powder costs.
  • Dependable repeatability increases productivity, turning out more parts in less time with less wasted powder and effort.

Magic Money Saver

Better powder usage. Less equipment wear.

  • MAGIC EYE absolutely minimizes overspray, reducing powder consumption per operation.
  • Programmed control also significantly increases first-pass transfer efficiency, lowering average per-part cost and wear on equipment.
  • Efficient coating requires less recycled material, improving the quality of powder applied without raising costs.
  • Reliable system repeatability minimizes coating rejects.
  • Even very sophisticated production runs can be completed with fewer operators and less overall expense.
  • Better application control offers you more consistent film builds and saves you money.



a)  Horizontal Zone through beam sensors - 3 Zone unit

1 Set. 

b)  Vertical Zone through beam sensors - 4 Zone unit  

1 Set.

c)  Stand for Horizontal & Vertical zone sensors

1 Set. 

d)  Control panel with advanced PLC and operator friendly touch screen system for gun triggering

1 No.

e)   Complete set of Interlock Cables & Accessories for start up.

1 Set. 


Single phase AC current, selectable voltages

220V or 230/110V


50 / 60 Hz.

Connected loads


Safety class

IP 54 (P43)

Temperature Range

+2 ° C to 50 ° C

Control Voltage

24V DC

Contact Rating for Auto Interlock

Upto 230V AC - 1Amp

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