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Sieving seperates dust from powder. Powder which could have compacted during recovery or transport is once again distributed into distinct fine particles.


  • Substantially reduced labour cost.
  • Smooth powder flow as gun clogging is completely eliminated.
  • The end result is superior finish, higher deposition efficiency & lower coating cost.


  • Efficient Lightweight stainless steel Siever.
  • Maintenance free pneumatic turbine vibrator.
  • Easy screen changing.
  • Stand alone version / Hopper mounting /Online automatic version available

Operation Technique

Sieving is ideally undertaken just prior to use after powder recovery. The sieve's operating range of 20-60 Psi is controlled by an air regulator. The seive's vibration

Intensity should be set according to volume of powder shifted , condition of powder and flow rate desired.

Operating Parametera

Capacity: 0 - 60kg/hr. (Depending on powder quality & Partical Size).

Powder Screen mesh: 80/100/120.

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