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EASY CURE Curing Ovens . . . cure parts uniformly and completely without discoloration or dirt rejects. Cure oven heating systems gradually and steadily raise the part temperature from the ambient temperature before the parts enter the oven up to the oven set point temperature. Once the parts reach the set point they will be maintained within 2 to 3% of this set point temperature from the top to the bottom of the parts for the remaining conveyor path in the oven.

Oven Construction

Our ovens are of a modular design using interlocking oven panels containing non-settling, non-combustible, non-asbestos type industrial insulation rated for 500ºF. These oven panels are supported by a substantial structural steel framework that is designed with an allowance to prevent uncontrolled expansion from repeated heat up and cool down cycles.

EASY CURE ovens are designed to suit all modes of heating options available. We design ovens with following heating options:

  • Electrical
  • Direct Gas-Fired
  • Indirect Gas-Fired (Natural Gas, LPG, coal-gas etc.)
  • Indirect Oil (Diesel) Fired
  • Electrical Infrared

The USP of our ovens lies in the fact we can provide any combination of heating options, so as to provide customer with alternative arrangement/s, to switch over instantly. For instance, the oven can be electrical cum gas-fired or electrical cum oil-fired, or gas-fired cum oil-fired or gas-fired cum electrical cum oil-fired.


  • Uniform heating across entire area of the oven
  • Quick & Fast Heating at desired temperature
  • Widest Option of Mode of Fuel - Gas (LPG/CNG/LNG/Coal-gas), HSD/LDO, Electricity
  • 100% Safety in Operation on all types of heating
  • Comparative Less Consumption of Fuel
  • Convection/Direct/Indirect/Infrared Heating System
  • Trolley/Dryer/Batch/Conveyorised Option with conversion facility
  • Skin Temperature almost same as Room Temperature
  • Conversion in Mode of Heating at anytime i.e. from Electrical to LPG-fired or vice-versa etc.
  • Auto cut off with buzzing and indicating on all types of heating
  • Customized sizes designed to meet customers' requirements

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